rite blogs

Rite Cloud has an easy-to-use system that you can use to create a blog with just a few clicks.

To help understand the rest of this page, it is recommended you familiarise yourself with using rite-cloud.

The blog system allows you to publish any unencrypted, public document as a blog. Head over to the Manage page:

Rite blog management page

It shows a list of your public documents, and their current publish status.

To publish a document, click Publish under it. You are taken to the confirmation screen:

Publish confirmation screen

Enter a title for the page and click OK to publish it. That's it! The post is now displayed on your blog page (accessible at /blog/{yourname}).

Published document

To unpublish a document, return to the management page and click Unpublish. You are taken to the confirmation screen again. Click OK to confirm that you want to unpublish it. The document will be immediately removed from your blog screen.

Keep in mind that anyone with the link will still be able to visit the post - if you are concerned about this, mark the document as private in Rite Cloud or resave it with encryption.

That's it! You've learned how to use Rite's blog system. Congratulations, and happy rite-ing!